5 green products designed for everyday use

Digital Photo Frame

The environment is getting deteriorated because of various pollutants. Eco-conscious people/companies are coming up with products that will help reduce the carbon footprint. Recycled materials and alternate forms of energy are being exploited for a better living. Here is a list of 5 green products that have been exclusively designed for everyday use.

1. Water Powered Calculator

Water Powered Calculator

Are you a mathematics genius and like solving problems using funky calculators. Here is one calculator that will survive by gulping water. Yes, you read it right! Christened the Water Powered Calculator, this swanky gadget needs water to make sure its battery never runs dry. The fuel cells will remain in a working condition when water or any other electrolytic liquid is added to it. What looks like an ordinary calculator, is an eco-friendly product in actuality that vows to keep the surroundings in a healthy state. It comes slashed with a price tag of $19.99 and can also be an ideal gifting option.

2. Refurbished Cell Phones

Refurbished Cell Phones

Mobile phones have become an integral part of our lives and sell like hot cakes. Every year countless handsets are discarded, which adds to the ever increasing pile of e-waste. Credo Mobiles is making good use of such thrown away Samsung handsets and are called Refurbished Samsung Cell Phones. The fully tested and functional phones have been crafted from reused parts. These sustainable and eye-appealing handsets come with a one year warranty.

3. Handpresso


A cup of hot coffee can help soothe those frazzled nerves and is also a great beverage for get-togethers. Having an espresso maker at home can prove to be a blessing, which means getting a premium quality coffee right inside the comfort of your house. But, everyday coffee makers consume a lot of energy and this means wasting precious resources. Fret no more, as a hand-powered espresso maker named Handpresso is at your service. The simple device comes caked with eco-friendliness and can be carried anywhere. It comes with Easy Serving Espresso Pods, which are inserted after pumping the pressure and filling the reservoir with water. After this, all you need to do is press the release button. The durable coffee maker has been made from environmentally-friendly materials.

4. Digital Photo Frame

Digital Photo Frame

Photo frames are an apt way to keep loved one’s in front of your eyes. A good photo frame can ornament a space like a precious piece of jewelry. If you are an eco-conscious citizen then the Digital Photo Frame that has been crafted using bamboo, will leave you impressed. The elegant frame is energy-efficient and has an in-built flash memory of 128 MB. It also boasts of a clock, calendar and an MP3 player. So, feed it with your favorite pictures and give your loved ones an eco-friendly place in your life.

5. Smart Power Strip

Smart Power Strip

Unplugging electric devices is one task that everyone gives a miss. This wastes electricity and adds to the carbon footprint. If you are worried about the environment and want to save it from further deterioration, then its time you embrace the Smart Power Strip. The smart device will automatically sense when an electronic device is shut down and will make sure that additional power is not drawn. There are different slots present on the power strip. In the primary outlet, plug in the main device and use the others for the concerned device’s peripherals. Smart Power Strip will help save almost 72 percent energy and will in turn even cut down on electricity bills. It also helps subtract 640 pounds of carbon dioxide every single year.

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