5 Solar powered speakers for eco music lovers

solar speakers

Weaving its beauty and emotion through our thoughts, activities, and memories, music embeds our everyday life. The ever-increasing environmental awareness has led designers and manufacturers over time to come up with eco-friendly music gadgets, including speakers that churn out the green tunes. For the eco conscious music lovers, one of the best ways to go green is to opt for the solar powered speakers, which seem to have flooded the shelves these days. Designed to be powered using solar energy, these speakers bring green music to the ears of audiophiles. Check out some of the best solar powered speakers for eco music lovers.

1. Solar wireless speaker

Solar wireless speaker

The wireless outdoor solar speaker can be carried with the utmost ease to any place you want. This cordless speaker gains a major advantage over an ordinary speaker as it comes powered by solar energy. A solar panel sits at the top of the canister, which soaks up the solar energy to charge the 7x AA rechargeable batteries used to power the speaker. With the speaker, you can hook up your audio devices like iPod and MP3 player with the transmitter, which beams the music wirelessly. The 900 MHz frequency of the speaker will allow the music to be transmitted up to around 50 Meters away from the transmitter even through walls and floors with crystal clear sound. The entire parts of the solar wireless speaker are stored inside a robust and weatherproof housing keeping the inside safe. This cordless solar speaker costs $199.

2. Disko SU 1

Disco SU 1

At the first glance, this thing looked like some camping stove to me. Anyway, pictured above is the Disko SU 1 outdoor speaker that whiffs out clear musical tunes to keep you entertained while you share your moments with your friends or family in some picnic park or garden. Designed by Deep Design, the Disko SU 1 outdoor speaker is a wireless light and sound diffuser that is juiced by sun’s energy. Unlike conventional speakers, this solar powered speaker does not require electricity to work and so does not add to your electricity bill. The three LED lights present on the speaker add to the overall experience, giving a disco type feeling.

3. Gramosolar-powered speakers

Gramo Speakers

Pekka Salokannel, a Finnish designer has created these pocket-sized, solar-powered portable speakers. The designer was inspired by the design and shape of the original gramophone, and owing to the same reason, he christened them Gramo solar-powered speakers. The three layer photovoltaic panels soak up the sun’s energy and power the built-in battery pack, allowing to party even after sunset. The soft touch controls on the speakers help you adjusting the volume of the music. You can fold the speakers and carry them anywhere in your pocket and open them into little table speakers. This sustainable speaker is compatible with any electronic gadget like laptops, MP3players or iPods, and other audio devices.

4. Sunflower outdoor speaker concept

Sunflower speakers

Argentina-based product designer, Ignacio Pilotto has created Sunflower outdoor speaker concept that harness the sun’s energy by making use of the solar cell centre. The solar energy juices the lithium battery present in the design to power the speaker. The presence of LED lights indicates how much power is left in the batteries. The wireless speaker system can be rotated at appropriate angles around a counterweight to get better music and spontaneous energy. The speakers have to be positioned in the direction of the sun to absorb the required UV rays. The Sunflower outdoor Speaker concept is designed for outdoor use where you can easily charge the batteries in the sun.

5. Carrot solar speaker

Carrot Speaker

This cute little innovative concept of futuristic multimedia speakers, which uses a renewable energy resource, is designed especially for outdoor uses to let you enjoy quality music on the go. Designed by Korean designer Sanghwi Choi, the speaker that goes by the name “Carrot” makes use of solar panels, folded within the body, to soak up the sun’s energy and power the speaker. ABS plastic is used to create the sleek and stylish body of the speaker. The aluminum speaker is placed inside the titanium casing for the surround sound. You can connect the speaker with MP3 player or PMPs and enjoy your favorite music anywhere in a greener way.

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