Green DIY Guide

How to make a superhero suit from recycled cans

An artistic eye and technical skill are required to make a Superhero Can Dress up. The material used is empty cola cans. Cans of the “Red Bull” drink are preferable because of their eye-catching colors and the fact that they are made up of aluminium inste

Seven creative DIY projects made using wooden pallets

A Pallet is a structural foundation that is used mostly by the shipping industry to transport delicate materials. Pallets are usually available in slat or block forms. These offer strength and efficient storage facilities when stacked inside the container

How to Make a Seed Bomb

The seed bomb is an important part of the arsenal of Guerrilla gardeners all over the world. You too can use it to transform empty plots of land into green habitats of flowers and birds. If you’re afraid that the authorities wouldn’t approve of you diggin

How to build a natural shelter in the wilds

If you get trapped in a forest and you have no trekking kit or tent with you, then the first thing that will bother you is where to get shelter from. Obviously , you will have to look for a natural shelter to protect yourself from rain, cold and animals

Seven creative products made from recycled gadgets

Reduce. Reuse. Recycle. This is the order of the day. All of these days are gadget freaks and with the amount of gadgets flooding the markets daily if we tend to buy more and more. But what about the ones we do not use? Most of them find their way to lan

How to make a solar powered robot

Making your own solar powered robot is not as hard as you think. It is based on the Miller solar engine and has no digital electronics involved. But before we get started, it must be said that a robot is defined as “a mechanical intelligent agent which ca

How to: Build hot bed from recycled glass bottles

There is no doubt about the fact that consciousness for the environment has led to large number of inventions, energy saving technologies and using alternate renewable energy resources. This all is being done to save the future but what about the waste th

How to build a camp stove with recycled soup cans

A camp stove always proves to be a handy stuff when you go out for an excursion or a picnic. One of the important features of a camp stove is that it runs on an easily available fuel. Also, it is small, light and easy to carry as you cannot afford to carr

How to make eco friendly soy wax candles at home

Soy candles have been one of the most selling candles all the years because of the fact that they are clean and fresh among all candles. Traditional candles are not soy candles and they are actually made of paraffin (petroleum-based product). Making soy c

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