Seven eco friendly beds for your pets

Gone are the days when pets were kept merely to bear the burden off the keeper or to guard their houses, ornamenting the corridors and garages to steal a quick nap, ill-treated and shabbily fed on left overs. In today’s modern day scenario, keeping pets is a style statement, the latest trend among the young generation who not only feels proud in taking good care of their pets, but they also add a human touch to their upbringing. Pets are given access to all modern day amenities, giving prime importance to their comfort and luxury. The growing consciousness of grooming the pets well by providing them with all facilities has grown strongly and considerably especially in the last decade.

Keeping in mind the comfort of dogs the green way, some companies have designed eco-friendly dog beds to make their noon day siesta a more relaxing one. Let us take into account some of them.

1. Eco nap dog beds

Designed by the U.S. company named West Paw Design, these dog beds have been made by using a special kind of material called IntelliLofta, which consists of post consumer recycled plastic. A large size bed would require recycling of 40 plastic bottles for the filling which in turn is well surrounded and cushioned by a soft but thick fabric. This bed seems to be more like a nap pad and it comes in a variety of colors which can be easily machine washed and comfortably maintained.

2. Eco slumber bed

Designed by the same U.S. company, West Paw Design, this bed has more pouf for a more comfortable experience. Made from the same material using recycled plastic bottles and sewn in with a soft fabric outline to add comfort and sustainability to the product, this bed has a zip attached to its cover over the pillow both of which are machine washable. So, now you do not have to worry if your beloved hound soils his bed while in deep slumber.

3. Organic bumper bed

Yet another creation by the West Paw Design company, this particular style is featured and stylized as a circular dog bed with a cushioned back or padding around the upper area for the dog to rest his head on it. Made using the same eco-friendly fibers as the above two, this bed is also marked by an opening with zips attached so that it can be easily removed and washed. Available in a range of cool colors to match your home decor and style, this one is a perfect choice for those on the move, in office or at home.

4. Hemp dog bed

Made by using hemp, a sustainable crop grown without using harmful chemicals and pesticides which can even withstand drought conditions, these beds are more suitable for larger dogs. It not only imparts a clean and refined look to the product, substituting it for linen, but is also naturally durable, strong and resistant to natural wear and tear, mildew and sun exposure. The filling of this bed is done with super loft recycled fibers derived from soda pop bottles. Most durable for outdoor excursions, this one can also be easily dumped into the washing machine for cleaning and hung to dry outside under the sun.

5. Olive green beds for modern dogs

Also known as Head Hemp dog bed and made from the same material as the one above, hemp, this one is available in shades of orange with hand printing done on it, to suit the temperament of dogs. It is even dyed with hand using azo-free dyes and is featured by a 100% hemp canvas shell used for the cover which can be easily removed and washed. The stuffing is done with scrap foam and recycled poly cotton, making it more desirable and environmental friendly.

6. Eco tech orbit bed

This bed is made by an eco tech method using polar fleece for the fabric, which in turn is constructed from polyester fibers derived from recycled plastic soda bottles. These beds have water proof nylon lining which makes them perfect for outdoor adventures and water retreats.

7. Greener pup beds

These eco friendly pup beds are a boon to the canine world as it is suitable to accommodate all dog types. Comes in four different shapes, viz round, rectangular and cuddle bug style, these beds are, again, made from recycled fabrics which can be easily removed and washed without much toil. The bed fills are done with 100% recycled plastic and the fabric color choices range from simple solid ones to subtle pattern designs. The round and rectangular variations are featured by a plush backing, converting them into an armchair or sofa. However, if you have a rescue dog as a pet, you can avail of special offers and discounts only at greener pup beds.

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