Energy-generating kite park offers eco parasailing for adventure freaks

energy efficient kite park 1

Colombian landscape architecture studio Paisajes Emergentes’ innovative entry in the Land Art Generator Initiative is one ingenious design that beautifully blends land art with renewable energy. The energy-generating kite farm design unveiled recently gives visitors the opportunity of tasting adventure, while doing some good to the environment. The high-flying design includes 200 para-kites tethered to flexible posts, which use the Windbelt generator to convert wind into electricity.

energy efficient kite park 2

Extended across a 60-meter grid of flexible posts, the eco-park hovering over a public beach in Abu Dhabi will generate enough electricity to power more than 600 homes. Each kite is capable of producing nearly 6,200 kilowatt-hours a year, which is enough to power three energy-efficient homes.

energy efficient kite park 3

Apart from producing green energy, the green park also leaves marine life completely undisturbed. The adventure enthusiasts are also given the opportunity to check out the view from above using a periscope-like device embedded in each tether post. The homeowner who chooses to buy the energy from a kite will be offered a live feed of the beach views from the para-kite as a token of thanks.

energy efficient kite park 4

energy efficient kite park 5

Via: Inhabitat

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