Enticing lamp made from old plastic bottle and spoons

Enticing lamp made from old plastic bottle and spoons

Thanks to the mineral water and cold drink industry, we produce millions of plastic bottles every year. However, unlike the glass bottles, we don’t recycle them. They usually end up in landfills. There too, they don’t sit still. They leach toxic minerals into the place there are and in the form of microplastics affect literally everything around them. Therefore, we should think twice not only before dumping these bottles but before buying them too. Nevertheless, If you have a few of these bottles and in your home, you can create a lamp from old plastic bottle and a couple of spoons.

Lamp made from old plastic bottle and spoons

bottle and spoon lamp 1

Stunning works of recycled art are putting many contemporary artworks to shame. Brining one such extraordinary creation is a Russian designer, who has designed a unique lamp from what you would consider as waste. His creation is a beautiful ensemble of an old plastic bottle, few disposable plastic spoons, and CFL lamp. In just less than $2, you too could build an amazing piece of art to light up your dwelling.bottle and spoon lamp 2

bottle and spoon lamp 3

bottle and spoon lamp 4

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Plastic products other than old plastic bottles that you should recycle

1. Disposable dinnerware:

Disposable dinnerware

A study finds that an office worker uses almost 500 throwaway cups on an average, in a year. A study also states that considering the amount of plastic and paper cups, forks as well as spoons that are used in a year, they can collectively circle 300 times around the equator. Most of the disposable dinnerware items, such as plastic cups, utensils, and plates are prepared from plastic no. 6, which a resin similar to the one utilized to prepare polystyrene foam. As these supplies are not lightweight, they become difficult to recycle. We all use disposable utensils for all our biggest occasions and events, but why not consider using recyclable plastics or washable dishes or the ones that can be reused.

You can also go in for Preserve tableware and utensils as they are prepared from fully recycled materials. The company offers an entire line of utensils, dishes as well as cups that are strong enough to resist the rigors of everyday use. Preserve offers two kinds of microwave and dishwasher safe tableware: one that can be utilized for regular home use and the other that is similar to the disposable ones.

2. Carpet:


In America, carpets are very commonly used, and also discarded in large numbers. The Carpet America Recovery Effort (CARE) states that it is difficult to recycle carpets. The reasons being the amount of substances it comprises. For instance a typical carpet comprises two main components that include face fiber as well as the backing system. The face fiber is what you walk on and is the valuable part of the carpet during recycling. It is mainly made of polypropylene, nylon, latex, polyester and PVC, among other materials. If you are looking out to recycle your carpet that has been used at home, first contact your dealer to get a solution for your recycling issues. If you are thinking about recycling a carpet used at your office then contact the carpet mill representative to find a way out. In addition, certain nonprofit organizations, including Habitat for Humanity take clean carpets for reuse. Also you can reuse the carpet as runners and floor mats, posts for cat scratching as well as to suppress weeds in your garden rather than using pesticides.

You can recycle carpets by making different substances ranging from plastic lumber and auto parts to carpet backing as well as parking stops. When purchasing a new one, ask for carpets that are made using recycled materials.

3. Toiletries:


Commonly, recycling conjures up images of the garden, the kitchen, also the office, but totally fail to account for the bathroom. Have you ever thought that your shampoo bottles, soap, hair gel, lotion as well as the mouthwash include recyclable plastic? Most bottles of shampoo are prepared from plastic no. 2 that is recycled plastic from curbside programs.

You can check to find a tiny numeral of the recycling symbol’s center on these bottles. You will mostly find that they are made of plastic no. 2. The chemical makeup in it makes it more durable as well as perfect for packaging. This resin is more or less found in juice and milk containers, detergent bottles and also plastic bags. Origins is the first cosmetic company that offers consumers recycling of cosmetic packaging. For recycling, you can hand over all the empty cosmetic bottles, tubes, lipstick covers, jars and caps to any Origins store.

4. Lego Toys:

Lego Toys

Apart from whatever plastic stuff you may have had and considered recycling, you may never have considered recycling toys. The main reason is that toys are made from diverse materials, such as electronics, plastics as well as hazardous materials. Nevertheless, Lego toys have a different story to tell. They come under the threatening plastic no. 7 category, but have an elevated demand for reusing the toy. Lego Bricks are not only recyclable but also one of the things that don’t break. You can pass these Lego toys from one generation to another. The production of these toys makes use of all the recycled plastic.

5. Golf balls:

Golf balls

Usually, golf balls are made in two to three parts. A two-piece ball is prepared from plastic as well as rubber, which is mostly used by casual golfers. In a year, over 300 million golf balls get discarded, which is enough to make a line from Los Angeles to London. Taking the discarded golf balls to a Dixon Golf’s retail location is a good idea. Another method is to send it for recycling.

6. Plastic Bottle Caps

From tripods and toys to even furniture and timepieces, there’s no limit to things you can create using plastic bottle caps that you might be having in the home. Thanks to their small size, you can also easily add them to other recycled plastic art projects.

Final Words

Our lives these days revolve around plastic, be it the car, the desk, the kitchen table or kids toys. We live around plastics. While we all know that plastics can be reused after recycling. Recycling is important to preserve and safeguard the environment. But recycling cannot be done with all plastic items; only common plastic items such as bags, water bottles, and jugs can be recycled. You must be wondering what happens to the other plastic items? Well, by using creative ideas like creating lamp from old plastic bottle and spoons, you can put them to good use.

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