Equa – An eco friendly sanitary solution

Equa eco-friendly sink/ toilet

Brazilian designer Juliana Lopes have come with an interesting solution to tackle the day-to-day problem of water wastage in the toilets. “Equa”, a perfect sanitary solution, vouches a perfect blend of environmental preservation with optimum economics. This integrated toilet bowl and sink is developed with an objective to help the society become more eco-friendly without compromising the users comfort. At the same time, it helps maintain and regulate the water consumption of the end-user.

Equa is essentially an integrated toilet bowl and sink. This sanitary fitting reuses water from the activities of the sink in the sanitary discharge, thereby saving approximately 25% of water usage. External structure of the sink and the toilet bowl remain quite similar to the commonly used ones excepting the rectangular shape that comfortably hides the pipe connecting the toilet bowl with the discharge. Though the researches have shown similar products, Juliana Lopes’s product remains unique as it manages to provide a definite solution to the problem of water conservation and at the same time presents an innovative and eco-friendly design, making it more aesthetically viable and user-friendly.

How Equa works

The internal structure of the discharge has two different water reservoirs. The first reservoir does the work of holding the reusable water which comes from activities in the sink. There is a filter attached to the reservoir which helps clean the water before it reaches the reservoir. The second reservoir has the capacity to hold approximately six litters of clean water along with reusable water. This quantity is typically needed for the use in the discharge. When the water in the discharge gets over, it starts filling again with the reusable water and completely with clean water if at all needed. This reservoir of water reusable has a buoy, so that water can be directly poured into the sewer if it exceeds the storage capacity. The sink is easily removable to ensure the maintenance of the discharge. And the discharge has dual drive system of three and six liters to increase water savings whenever needed. On the whole a brilliant idea to promote eco-friendliness with innovative lifestyle.

Thanks, Michael Passos

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