Eye Candy: Spectacular monsters pop out of recycled metal

recycled metal sculpture

Finding treasure in trash has become common with many artists these days. We can see artists looking for greener alternative to fashion their artworks. And why not, after all art has been considered by far the best way to share the deepest emotions and thinking. So, using a green material to share your thoughts reflects one’s love and concern for the environment. Besides, it also earns you popularity, positive image and of course a lot of appreciation. Crafting exquisite pieces of art from recycled materials lighten a little burden from Mother Nature too. So, there’s an added feel good factor. When there is such a long list of pros added to this green initiative, I see no reason why artists shouldn’t be taking up green practices.

One such artist on a mission to save the planet from the pollution created by discarded metal, auto parts and machines is Krittayakorn Chaijit. This innovative artist builds huge sculptures using scrap metal. Looking at the sculptures you would never be able to tell that the material gone into making these masterpieces are nothing but waste. He has built three amazing sculptures that go by names – “The Real Size Metal Alien”, The Climbing Metal Alien” and “The Metal Scorpion”.

The Real Size Metal Alien

This huge monster looks as if it’s out straight from some science fiction action movie. Standing nearly 2m tall, the Real Size Metal Alien is made from recycled metal, discarded auto parts and machines. In order to let it shine for years together, the artist are coated the metal sculpture. Its head and arms are fixed in a way so that they can easily be adjusted according to your requirement and taste.

The Climbing Metal Alien

recycled metal sculpture 2

Imagine a scary, creepy reptile crawling over your body. The very thought runs chill down your spine isn’t it? This reptile-like sculpture doesn’t look any less. It looks really horrifying. Measuring approx. 13 x 10 x 12 inch (width x long x height), the Climbing Metal Alien is made from recycled metal, useless auto parts and machine. This one too is coated to preventing it from rusting.

The Metal Scorpion

recycled metal sculpture 3

Somehow I have always found scorpions really scary. Doing complete justice to the original monster is this creative replica. Dubbed the “Metal Scorpion”, this metal sculpture pops out of recycled metal, useless auto part and machine. Measuring 13 x 19 x 10 cm (width x long x height), the sculpture is coated to make it rust-resistant. It certainly makes a great decorative piece for your home.

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