Eye popping Christmas tree made from 100 recycled bikes

tree cycle

Last Christmas Bermondsey Square in London saw a unique Christmas tree made from 35 recycled bicycles, and this year Sydney takes the concept to a new level by creating it using 100 recycled bicycles. Christened the “Tree-Cycle,” this Christmas tree is made from old bikes donated by a local recycling company. The bikes spray-painted in tree green color give the original tree-like feel, while the multi-colored tires appear like holiday lights.

The Tree-Cycle features an amazing star on the top, which is made with a series of front forks and tires sticking out in each direction. The 23-foot-tall tree presently being exhibited at The Rocks is not the first Christmas tree made from recycled parts. Last year’s Christmas centerpiece was made of bottles, while the 2008 chairs piled up to form a tree.

Via: Aol News

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