Green Homes Guide

5 Tiny Houses that Set High Green Standards

Restricting our horizons is never acceptable to us. Be it our learning, our careers, development of towns and cities; we want to grow and become bigger and better. Admits all the rat race, there are a few precious moments when we wish to constrict our wor

5 Prefabricated houses designed for disaster relief operations

Prefabricated homes are no more synonymous with box like homes and could mean anything from a modular vacation home or an eco friendly country house. With new innovations and inventions everyday, designers are building more and more prefabricated houses t

Top 7 eco friendly rugs for your green home

Rugs are a great way to ornament floors and manage to fetch plenty of stares. A good piece can elevate the aura of a place in no time and add to the beauty of a room. But, it is time your floors got a touch of eco-friendliness with practical and stylish r

10 tips for sustainable gardening

Who does not love to have a fresh basket of fruits and vegetables handpicked from one’s own garden? Atleast considering all the green freaks like myself, possessing a thing worth an enviable flaunt edible greenery is not the only motive behind rearing

10 eco friendly lawnmowers designed for greener lawns

Green technology has taken over all aspects of our lives including living, homes, food, cars and now our gardening equipment too. And why not hop on the ‘green’ train? It’s a right move towards a pollution-less future and better and alternative sources of

5 of the biggest treehouses in the world

Treehouses have never been associated with a gigantic size. These playful constructions are usually made on the branches of one or more trees. They are erected for recreational purposes and children can do just anything to become proud owners of one such

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