IMAGE OUTLOOK: Dominika Naziębły crafts a collection the upcycled way

upcycled dresses by dominika design

A fashion designer by profession, Dominika Naziębły loves to craft clothes using upcycling. She used clothes that had been discarded and swaps them into fashionable forms by beautifully changing their character and quality. This graduate in fashion designing makes good use of whatever she learnt during her college days and crafts designs which are eye-appealing. IMAGE OUTLOOK has sustainable designs and consuming plus has been crafted in a tasteful manner.

The designers:

The collection has been designed by Dominika Naziębły from Poland who was born in the year 1986. The young designer has completed her Masters in fashion designing from the Academy of Fine Arts in Łódź in the year 2010.

The inspiration:

The artist fetches all her inspiration from the beautiful surroundings. Dominika Naziębły loves the proximity and authenticity that comes attached with the environment and has used it in an apt manner for her collection. She consciously tried to pack in her designs the cityscape and concentrated on the various type of colors and shapes it came wrapped with.

The green factor:

The whole collection has been crafted using upcycled pieces which are nothing but eco-friendly. To make it possible only recycled materials like skirts, sweaters, shirts, jackets, etc. were used which is nothing but natural made out of silk, wool, cotton and cashmere. All of these were given a new life by using techniques such as laser cutting, hand printing knit tearing. The collection yells the ‘clean and green’ slogan and will help protect the nature from further deterioration. Recycled material has been made to look good with a few genuine efforts by Dominika Naziębły.

The fab factor Collection:

The eco-friendly and highly sustainable collection has been named as IMAGE OUTLOOK. The collection has not been designed keeping a specific section of the society in mind, it is for everyone. The complete will be showcased at the final catwalk of the Gold thread Fashion week Poland. People who love the environment will be automatically pulled towards the green clothes. It has been designed keeping all the aesthetic values intact and looks very promising. The clothing line is wearable and will make sure whoever wears it, looks exceptionally gorgeous that too the eco-friendly way.

The ensemble:

IMAGE OUTLOOK, a collection made form upcycled things is the brainchild of a young fashion designer named Dominika Naziębły. The designer has swapped thrown away stuff like shirts, jackets, skirts, sweaters and natural fabrics cotton, silks, cashmeres, wool into tasteful and wearable designs. The collection will be showcased at the final catwalk of the Gold thread Fashion week Poland. She has beautifully exploited laser cutting, hand printing knit tearing to achieve her eco-friendly designing dream. IMAGE OUTLOOK is a green collection and on May 6th in EXPO Hall Lodz the final of the contest will take place.

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