NSCC’s exterior living wall to thrive in cold Canadian climate

Not only will the green wall (living wall), installed at Nova Scotia Community College’s (NSCC) Center for the Built Environment, bring a shade of green to the Waterfront Campus, it will also create habitat for numerous creatures and purify the air…

NSCC's exterior living wall

5 creative ways to recycle disposable plastic cups

With an increase in awareness among people of using the recycled products, there is a rapid increase in the number of people opting for such Eco-friendly products. These recycled products are not only cheap but also are available in cool and trendy desi

recycle disposable plastic cups

Seven creative sculptures designed to run on wind power

Although wind power is a well-known source of green energy, it is not that popular among general public. However, now some artists and engineers, with intent to promote wind energy, have designed and built a number of creative sculptures that generate use

Future flower sculpture

15 edible gadgets made using chocolate

Chocolate, the one thing which no one could ever resist. It is the only thing which is cherished by every age group. Even a little chocolate could do wonders. Chocolates have a special ability to lighten moods and offer a happy environment. Due to this pr


5 Creative cardboard sculptures

An artist is not deterred by bounds so does art itself. Many times what seems like trash and useless, can be turned into amazing piece of art with little creativity. This is what has been proved by a minority of cardboard artists, who have managed to tran

Cardboardivity City

Twelve eco-friendly gadgets made from unwanted stuff

The green is the latest trend in the market and we get to see that everything these days is being transformed into green using the Eco-friendly technology. The use of recycled products have increased over the years and people these days mostly prefer maki

The Volvo clock 

5 Creative guitars made from recycled materials

Recycling is a modern trend in today’s world which is giving rise to new art forms. Recycled materials are being used to build houses, furniture, robots, and a stray of other things. Recently the guitar lovers have also come up with creatively designed gu

Creative guitars made from recycled materials

Enticing lamp made from old plastic bottle and spoons

Stunning works of recycled art are putting many contemporary artworks to shame. Brining one such extraordinary creation is a Russian designer, who has designed a unique lamp from what you would consider as waste. His creation is a beautiful ensemble..

Enticing lamp made from old plastic bottle and spoons

5 best green building designs for future offices

The march of development cannot be stopped, but along with development come the dangers of global warming, higher population densities and increased stress on local and natural resources. This dilemma has forced policy makers and builders to look into

London's Hoxton Square
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