Michelle Obama recycles dress for election night celebration

Michelle Obama- Repeating her own style statement

The results of presidential elections are finally out and it seems that Michelle Obama will dazzle us again for the next four years. Fashion industry was keen on what the first lady was going to wear on the night of celebrations. Putting an end to all the speculations, the first lady came out will something totally different from the expectations. She wore a burgundy color dress which she already wore on two separate occasions. The dress was patterned with metallic burgundy color designed by famous designer Michael Kors. She also wore this knee length dress on a special occasion in December 2009. Michelle Obama is known for her fondness on recycled materials and she seems to have to prove the point by wearing this dress.


Not breaking news

While some people are considering it to be breaking news other seems to have hardly noticed it. According to speculations going in the media, it was predicted that Michelle Obama would surprise everybody with her costume. Judging from her current dressing sense, it seems inevitable. She wore this dress for the second time during the medal presentation ceremony at the white house. But on the night of celebration, she also wore a black sweater and high heels with the dress.


Was it for the first time?

The dress recycling was not a onetime incident as the first lady has done this before on multiple occasions.  But it seems that it was the first incident on public arena. She never would have thought that this would become a breaking new throughout the country. The first lady also knew that all eyes would be on her dress and she made a perfect choice to grab all the attention. Though she added some different accessories with the outfit but it was not enough to deviate the attention of public from the dress. As the first lady, the media and fashion industry were hoping that Michelle would come with something different. But on the contrary, she surprised all of us by wearing the same dress. May be it was a lucky charm for her otherwise she would have dazzled the arena with something different. The daughter looked inspired from their mothers outfit and wore flashy skirts. The president gushed about importance of these three beautiful women in his personal and professional life. He also added that the success in current elections was not possible without the support of his family and loved ones. May be he was not too much interested in his wife’s costume.



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