Pakistani artist expresses concern over lost faiths through recycled art

khalil chishtee recycled identities

In recent times, we have seen countless recycled artworks portraying serious issues like global warming, climate change, environment devastation, pollution etc., but here is an artist who has something different to say. Khalil Chishtee, a Pakistani artist, has found un-durable and unsaleable material, trash bags, as a way to express his concern over the lost faiths and beliefs among the nations.

This creative minded artist sums his installations under the name “Recycled Identities.” The creations are figures braving the dilemmas of life. He has beautifully transformed trash bags into a man whose arms are extended to transform into a ladder. There is another piece that shows a melting man seemingly doing a somersault by hanging upside down in free space. Chishtee’s trash bag art will be displayed at New Delhi, India from August 2 to August 12. If you wish to check out some more images, go here.

Via: The Hindu

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