Plantas Nomadas: Water-purifying robot is part bot, part plant

plantas nomadas robot plant 1

Created by the Mexican artist Gilberto Esparza, the Plant Nomadas robot plant can walk about the contaminated rivers to nourish its microbial fuel cells. As it sips from the polluted water source, the elements of the contaminated water serve as nutrients for its microbes and they disintegrate to create energy during the process.

plantas nomadas robot plant 2

According to We Make Money Not Art:

Vegetation and microorganisms live in symbiosis inside the body of the Nomadic Plants robot. Whenever its bacteria require nourishment, the self-sufficient robot will move towards a contaminated river and ‘drink’ water from it. Through a process of microbial fuel cell, the elements contained in the water are decomposed and turned into energy that can feed the brain circuits of the robot. The surplus is then used to create life, enabling plants to complete their own life cycle.

Spaniards have a chance to see Plantas Nomadas in person at Laboral, Gijón (Spain) through June 7, 2010.

Via: Gizmodo/Technabob

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