Which are the best rechargeable batteries for Canon sx130is?

I have recently bought Canon sx130is from Amazon just after seeing the positive reviews. When I received this product, I realized that this runs on AA batteries which is really frustrating for me. I couldn’t return it because of some company’s policy.

Is it worth to install a solar power attic fan?

My husband and I bought our first home last year and this summer has been so cruel. Especially the rooms upstairs have been so hot even after all the fans we’ve got there. Now we have decided to get attic fan installed. We are looking for solar power at

Five software that can reduce the energy consumption of your PC

Green revolution, a path to conserve resources effectively, requires not only switching over to the humble “reuse and recycling” theme but also to efficiently manage one’s power consumption which is scare. One step in this technologically advanced era is

7 Worst pollution related problems the world is battling with

While we walk through the past to enhance our achievements over the years, we realize that with the evolution of man at every stage of civilization leading to success, growth, and development man has created a niche of self destruction for himself in the

10 Most delicious organic chocolates

Product usefulness

Almost everyone enjoys indulging in a piece of chocolate, and organic
chocolate helps you do it with less guilt. Organic chocolates have gained
popularity in the recent years. Even though their availability has increased,
organic cho

5 best search engines to search green

The world is adapting an eco friendly approach towards life. The internet has brought in a revolution in the field of ecological information sharing. Green search engines are the best innovations that existing search engines provided to eco-conscious user

Green Art: 10 Products made using recycled Styrofoam

Not many of us are aware that Styrofoam is made of only 5% polystyrene and the rest is air thus making it highly popular in the insulation and craft industries. Styrofoam, although when discovered received great appreciation and niche usage especially for

Book Review: The hungry planet eating itself

If you really wish to have a widespread perception on the global situation, piece together multitudes of close-ups and have a thorough look of the people profiles. When it is not possible for you to do, then grab ‘Hungry Planet’, by Peter Menzel and…

Britain’s nuclear waste to go ‘deep disposal’

The British government has come up with a solution to Britain’s nuclear waste. It is likely to recommend on much of the waste that should be buried in deep disposal sites. Draft recommendations are to be released by a government advisory body.

It is…

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