Swiss wine store reuses 1,500 wine boxes to display the wines

Apart from the beautiful locales Zurich has something else to boast about – the very trendy Albert Reichmuth’s wine shop that has reinvented itself into a ‘green’ wine shop by recycling the wine boxes to form the most innovative interiors ever! Designed by Swiss design house OOS, the shop has been given a very geometric and modern look by converting the wine boxes (made out of pine wood) into more than hundred marvelous display units for their wines.

All of the boxes are interwoven into a grid which is later assembled inside the wine shop – leaving plenty of space for storage as well as seating arrangement for the avid wine tasters. Truly an innovative idea and very eco-friendly too!
reich 2
The wine shop basically specializes in French wines that are neatly displayed according to the region. The lighting inside the wine shop enhances the beautiful interiors making it the best ‘green’ wine shop ever!
reich 5

Via: Inhabitat

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