Best nature photographs of all time to be auctioned for a noble cause

water liies

Entering the 40th annual, Earth Day today has left people worldwide being part of green initiatives of various kinds. Earth Day this year is full of eco-friendly events, conferences on Climate Change, recycling activities and what not. Joining the league is the inaugural Green Auction, an attempt to save the planet. Members of the International League of Conservation Photographers have selected 40 greatest nature photographs for auction that will be held today. Out of the outstanding 40, here are the 10 ingenious works.

1. Seeing Double

seeing double

Photographer: Paul Nicklen

2. Australian sea lions play in the sea grass beds off Little Hopkins Island Australia

australian sea lions play

Photographer: David Doubilet

3. Twilight of the Giants, Botswana 1989

twilight of the giants

Photographer: Frans Lanting

4. Stone Canyon

stone canyon

Photographer: Jack Dykinga

5. Tortoises at Dawn, Galapagos Islands, 1984

tortoises at dawn

Photographer: Frans Lanting

6. Polar Dance

polar dance

Photographer: Thomas D. Mangelsen

7. A thresher shark

a thresher shark

Photographer: Brian Skerry

8. Split Rock and Cloud, Eastern Sierra, California, 1976

split rock and cloud

Photographer: Galen Rowell

9. Water liies, Nymphaea nouchali, Okavango Delta, Botswana

water liies

Photographer: Frans Lanting

10. Morning Mist, Rock Island Bend, Franklin River, Southwest Tasmania, Australia

morning mist

Photographer: Peter Herbert Dombrovskis

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