Tub chairs – Stylish chairs made out of bathtubs

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So the first question to ask is, what’s a tub chair? Well, the Tub Chair is a sofa. What’s the big deal about it? It’s made from a used bathtub, and it rocks! Well, literally so! This Tub Chair is a rocking chair as it sways to and fro. The artistic brains behind this is Frees.Co Equipe Creativa.

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This chair defies all odds. From what you see of it you would know that you can create anything out of something. Recycled products are often not taken up in the right zest by many. Old things are most often than not discarded. It seldom crosses someone’s mind to take these things and structure another something out of them. Unfortunately we are all so attached to new things that are ready-to-buy of the shelf. The Tub Chair is made from a bathtub. One side of the bathtub is cut. The floor of the bathtub is matted by foam. The rocking motion of this bathtub chair is made possible by arc shaped legs of the chair.

One can put the chair anywhere. Because it will look great in any corner of the house. Be it the living room, or the outdoors or your dining room. Even if it is made from the bathtub, no one will really notice the bathtub features of the chair – unless you specifically speak about it. The chair is well painted to give it a homely look.

Perfectly made for comfort the tub chair is a recycled product artist’s inspiration. It would not be long when people would start jumping on the idea of making their own bathtub chairs. Of course the bathtub is known to be a piece of area in the bathroom that people love to soak themselves in. After a hard day’s grind, a hot water dip in the bathtub refreshes the senses and re-invigorates the self.

So it would not be a bad idea to but a tub chair made out of a bathtub. One could get the same comfortable feeling while sitting in the tub chair with a good book in the band, some nice music playing, and the chair rocking away in a cradle-like fashion.

Via: iGreenSpot

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