Zero emission floating community proposed for Vietnamese bay

mobilizing villages by do trung kien

Despite the advent of tourism decades ago, the Halong Bay area in Vietnam is still craving for a proper housing for its 1600 inhabitants. Currently, the average family in this region is living on some 10-15sqm chunk of land. Hoping to provide them with sustainable lodging, a recent entry at THE SELF-SUFFICIENT CITY: Envisioning the habitat of the future contest, which was organized by the Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia and HP, proposes the creation of a hexagonal floating community.

mobilizing villages by do trung kien 3

Entire construction will be done with bamboo. A foam float system will support a double layer module of 450m of bamboo. While the first storey will be a family space for dining, kitchen, bedroom and toilet, the second storey will house two bedrooms for kids and parents.

mobilizing villages by do trung kien 2

Each house within the hexagonal module platform will be connected to other ones to create a mobilizing community. The self-sufficient concept involves the creation of a house, a farm, a library, a pond, a school or a clinic that could be transferred from one community to other when needed.

mobilizing villages by do trung kien 5

The island will rely on solar panels for generating electricity for it. Rainwater harvesting will ensure fresh water supply. Fishing and aquaculture will be the permanent sources of food. Numerous movable farms will grow vegetables in recycled boxes. With ample natural ventilation and lighting, the floating homes will be ideal for tourists as well.

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