10 ways of ecycling old computer parts

computer part items

As there is a rapid growth in the inventions and innovations of the electronic items used in a computer, most of the computer equipments become outdated within a few years of its purchase. In order to keep pace with the developments, people go in for new versions of the system while the old one sits in a corner collecting dust. Improper ways of disposal can lead to the damage of the environment due to the presence of the hazardous materials in them. Hence there is an utmost necessity to dispose them properly or to recycle them in an environment friendly way. Here are ten great ways to transform obsolete computer parts into something more meaningful.

1. Seedling Starter



A green way to make use of the old keyboard is to use it as a seedling starter. Place paper in between the keys so that it can support the soil which we are going to fill in. Fill soil onto these paper bits in the gaps and then sow the desired seeds. Water them carefully by sprinkling, taking care not to overflow it. Keep it in sunlit area so that your seedlings will sprout from the keyboard.

2.Monitor as Pet’s Home

The monitor or the CRT of your old computer can be turned into a beautiful kitten’s home if you have a cat as your pet. Embellish the outside of the monitor with sequins, glitters, paints or stickers to attract your pet. Make the inside cozy by padding it with some old soft cloth so that your pet would love its new home.

3.A Stunning Aquarium


Your old computer CPU or CRT monitor can be very well recycled into an attractive looking fish aquarium. Depending on your size requirement you can use the old parts and decorate so that you have stunning aquarium to decorate your house.

4. A Hard Drive Clock

hard drive clock

A cool, fun clock can be made using the hard drive, PCBs, mirror finished disk platter and few other accessories like hour, minute and second hands and few colored numbers. Using the clock function of the hard drive you can make this clock work and decorate it using the cut outs of the PCBs.

5. Funky Pencil Box


You can create a funky looking pencil boxes from the PCBs or the unused floppy diskettes. It is easy to cut and paste the PCBs as per the size requirement. However a standard size of 3” X 2.75” would look nice. You can proudly use it on your work table to insist your “go green” concept to others.

6. Using as Mailbox


Make use of the old computer’s CPU as a letter box which looks different from all others mail box. It can also be used as a trash bin or a bird feeder as per your requirement.

7.Geeky Sneakers

computer part sneakers

Geeky and sporty sneakers can be made using the old computer’s PCBs, motherboards, graphic cards, glass and other scrap materials.

8. Electric Guitar

electric guitar

A miniature sneaky looking electric guitar sculpture can be made using the old MP3 player and PCB parts. This really green looking guitar sculpture will drive your “Go green” concept strongly into the minds of the viewers.

9. Napkin Rings

napkin rings


An entirely green looking napkin rings can be made from the control circuit boards of the hard disk drive. The circuits used in between the disk platters of the hard disk are actually used for creating this napkin rings.

10. Recycled Clipboards

Use the motherboard or the PCB of your old computer to create a clipboard. Buy a clipboard clip assembly and fix it to the PCB intact. You can paste a plastic sheet over it if you are going to use it for writing purpose.

Thus by recycling the old computers through these ways the life of these electronic items can be prolonged. Hence we can save energy and protect our planet in an indirect way.

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