13 best eco-friendly baby toys

Environment friendly toys for babies are the best gifts you can give them. Regular toys are usually made from plastic and have toxic paint painted on them. With eco-friendly toys, you will be able to let your baby play for hours with the toys without thinking of any harm coming to him or her, because of the material of the toys. Besides, you’d be teaching them from an early age about all things eco-friendly. Take a look at our compilation of eco-friendly baby toys:

13 best eco-friendly baby toys

Skwish wooden bead, string, and rod toy

Nothing is good enough for your adorable baby. You try to do the best for him/her always. Buying eco-friendly toysis certainly one of the best things you can do. Like this wonderful but simple wooden toy, which will appeal to and enhance your baby’s curiosity. The bright and colorful toy is visually stimulating and its maneuverability can develop the child’s motor skills too.

This, one of the besteco-friendly baby toys,can be twisted and turned into many different shapes and it will delight your baby by reverting to the original shape. It’s made of rubberwood and it is painted with a water-based paint which makes it safe for the baby. The toy is available in a multicolor version and also a simpler, natural rubberwood version.

Counting chameleon number puzzle

The number puzzle made of wood will introduce your little baby to numbers at an early age. The blocks have numbers 1-15 on each side. On one side, the numbers are written in Spanish and on the other, they’re written in English.

Plan Toys Electro bus ride

Eco-friendly baby toyslike this one is sure to make your baby smile. Your baby will love to ride on this bus. They’ll have lots of fun as they turn around and ride easily on it.

Submarine from Green Toys

Introduce the subject of the sea with this little submarine. This sturdy little submarine can be used as a bath toy. One of the besteco baby toysis made from 100% recycled plastic. It does not have any BPA, PVC, phthalates or any other external coating. It’s packed in a cardboard box which is also recycled and printed with soy ink.

The submarine is one of theeco-friendly baby toysmeant for babies aged 6 months or older. Your baby will love to play with the rear propeller and has an easy grip handle. The wide mouthed opening enables water to be scooped and poured easily.

Fruit tote from Under the Nile

If you’re looking to buy green toys, especially fruits and vegetables, then this one is the one for you. This fruit basket will last for years as the super soft eco-friendly banana, watermelon, and grape can be put in the mouth too – very useful in the teething stage. Even when your baby grows up, the fruits can be used as fake food by preschoolers and toddlers during imaginative play. The fruits can be machine washed so the fruit tote – one of the most deliciouseco-friendly baby toys- is quite easy to take care of too.

Clutching toy from HabraMagical

The clutching toy has a lot of colorful wood balls which are held together with an elastic band. It makes it easy for any baby to grab on to the toy. The non-toxic toy is painted with a water based dye which makes it safe for your teething baby.

Panda from Melissa and Doug

Babies love to play peek-a-boo, and the wooden panda will play along with them. Made of hardwood and child-friendly dyes, one of the besteco baby toys will teach the baby concepts of permanence as well as cause and effect. The panda also makes a clicking sound as the baby flips it paws.

Melody glockenspiel from Green Tones

This is one of the perfect eco-friendly baby toysto introduce music to your darling baby. It has wooden mallets (2 in number) and has a beautiful streamlined design. The 8 tuned bars are arranged in a C pentatonic scale which ensures pleasant sounds, and they don’t depend on the notes being played. One of the besteco-friendly baby toys, this toy will help in the cognitive development of your baby.

Double Bubble from Haze

This award winning portable toy is wonderful for your baby. It has a wooden maze along which colorful beads can pass. The bigger beads can slip over the small ones easily. The toy helps to develop motor skills as well as understand the concept of spatial relationships. The suction cups allow the toy to be secured to any surface. It can be taken on trips too if you want to keep your baby entertained. 

Sea plane from Green Toys

This is lovely eco-friendly toy for your little one. It’s a very safe toy, as it does not have any metal parts, no toxic chemicals, and is packaged in recycled material. You can also buy the Dump truck toy too as it equally green, safe, and fun.

Original bike from Wishbone

The Wishbone bike is meant for 1 year olds when it can be used as a tricycle. It can be easily converted to running bike according to the age of the child. The sustainable and unique 3-in-1 design makes these bike one of the most popular pre-bikes in the US.

Push and pull toy from Plantoys

The toy is perfect to let you know where in your home your little baby is crawling. It’s doesn’t make an irritating noise when it moves about, but it creates soft melodious sound. It can help your baby develop her imagination as she drags it around the home – it can be a lawn mower, horse, bike, anything she wants it to be.

Peppy Five from Maya Organic

Maya Organic’s cars are made from sustainable wood as well as natural dyes. Their five stem stack toy is great for a growing baby. Motor skills and counting skills of your baby will become better with this wonderful toy.

Eco-friendly toys are excellent for your growing baby. Babies often put toys in their mouth, and toys made with sustainable wood and painted with natural paint are the best choice. These toys are quite durable too and last a long time. They’re certainly worth buying!

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