Eco friendly swimwear

Eco Swim by Aqua Green is a range of eco friendly swimwear that uses Repreve.

What is Repreve?

Repreve is a kind of recycled fibers. It is one of the most eco friendly fabrics available. It is produced by Unifi Inc. Repreve is made of cent percent recycled products. It combines post consumer waste and industrial waste by the use of innovative technology for the creation of high quality yarn.

The company is a leader in the ‘upcycle’ movement, that is, to make productive use of used up products as well as waste materials. Eco Swim products, made up of Repreve fabric, thus, helps limit the carbon footprint of the company. It provides a significant use for the otherwise useless waste products.  In addition to that, it donates a portion of its profit to environmental causes. It also allows its customers to vote and select the organization that would receive the money. Hence, you are not just buying from Eco Swim. In addition to that you are contributing to safeguard the environment. You can contribute to any environmental organization of your choice through the click of a button.

With increasing number of landfills and pollution, it has become very necessary to take some action to reduce the burden on Mother Earth. Hence, it is very important to use the three R’s viz. reduce, reuse and recycle. In summer, you can see a number of people wearing Eco Swim swimwear.  Eco Swim by Aqua Green looks towards a better and sustainable future.


You can get swim wear featuring various styles like bikinis in classic silhouettes, sport styles, tankinis, maillots and swim dresses with names like and EcoBabe, EcoIsland and EcoSport. You can get a wide range of sizes in this collection, that is, from four to eighteen. The collection has been designed by Jenni Saylor, a veteran in this field. Talks with top notch designers like Tory Burch and Nautica is also on progress. Eco Swim is available at all major retailers like Macy’s, Belk, Nordstrom, Dillard’s, Aqua Beachwear, Everything but Water, Lord & Taylor, Canyon Beachwear, etc. You can get your Eco Swim swimwear online at,,,, etc.


Sandra Davidoff, director of corporate public relations, at ECO SWIM, remarks: “At ECO SWIM, our passion is swimwear, but as a family company we also have a longtime passion for reducing our carbon footprint so future generations can enjoy the beauty of our beaches.”


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