Eco-friendly Vehicles for Tourists

The concept of ecotourism has gained a lot of ground in recent years. It involves experiencing the joys of tourism while at the same time being aware of the impact your actions have on the environment. Eco-friendly vehicles have now been developed by a number of reputed automobile corporations as they have been recognised as a means of sustainable, socially responsible and secure means of transportation. Eco-friendly vehicles also provide life quality enhancement for tourists, the ecosystem and transport safety.

Many popular as well as minor tourist spots are now incorporating innovative traffic notions for visiting its sightseeing areas while at the same time keeping regular vehicles off the interior of the region, providing an impetus to the utilisation of innovative vehicular tools and enhancing the quality of the natural world. This ensures a relaxed and easy visit to the site without the hassle of traditional cars which not only cause much damage to the environment via their exhaust fumes and vehicle noises, but also annoy the locals by causing too much traffic problems due to their large sizes. Eco-friendly vehicles can be hired by tourists at cheap prices and they may not be much to look at, but they sure can help protect the environment along with conserving the aesthetic quality and indigenous beauty of the region.

The Power of the Elements – Twizys

Tourists who visit Brecon Beacons National Park are encouraged by the authorities to rent electric cars to discover the beauteous spots located in the heart of nature.  Twizys is the name given to a cluster of new low energy quadricycles which can be powered up by making use of the electricity collected from the natural elements like the rain, sun and wind. The national park has collaborated with the automobile company to jointly support this new green transport system. The quadricycles, six in number, are capable of seating two persons and happen to be a zero carbon tour substitute with a 50 mph top speed. The Welsh government has also joined the bandwagon and funds part of the project along with the ETN or Eco Travel Network. The project makes Beacons the first national Park in the UK to provide electric car rental. Businesses present in the surrounding area have also decided to lease out the vehicles in order to promote cleaner, safer and greener travel.

Travel Green to Romania

Tourists who care about the environment could also book economical flights to Bucharest as you are able to hire electric cars, which cause no harm to nature, for touring the location. The first recharge post for electric transport was unveiled in the capital of the country just recently. Tourists are now able to cruise around the city in a fast but environmentally secure vehicle. They can avail power via two different options – they can pay for power with the help of a pre-paid card or they can avail a subscription which may be renewed every month. This method is considered to be the initial step in Romania’s scheme to expand the uptake of electric transportations. It was just last month that the Ministry of Environment of the country announced its decision to financially support the purchase of electric cars in order to revive the flagging tourism sector as well as aid the environment.

India Bound

Environmentally-sound vehicles are available in India too at reasonable costs. Tourists can find these vehicles from rental shops and use them to travel across the different regions. They include the Mahindra Reva-i which happens to be India’s first ever electric vehicle which can seat two adults and two children with a top speed of almost 80 kph. Other options include the internationally popular Toyota Prius Hybrid and the Mahindra Reva NXR.

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