Abu Dhabi – one of the top sustainable cities of the future

The concept of sustainable development, which aims at a state of economic growth where resources are utilized to meet human needs as well as to preserve the environment, is no foreign one to us! We have studied about it repeatedly in our Environmental Science classes as the desirable stance to adopt in order to deal with the various issues of the environment.

Abu Dhabi’s green initiatives

Abu Dhabi, the capital of the United Arab Emirates has created quite a stir with its announcement to go green by implementing the concept of sustainable development as a part of its new development plans. This decision taken by Abu Dhabi was met with mixed reactions, of which the most common one was surprise. Let us face it – a city, which has been running on oil mines all these years, is not exactly the kind of place that you have in mind when you are thinking about the green revolution.

When this decision was announced, many were convinced that it was another classic scenario of “all talks and no action”. However, Abu Dhabi proved everyone wrong by translating all its plans for an eco-friendly city into actions through well-executed green initiatives, groundbreaking high profile green projects and by generating awareness for the conversation of the environment in the construction sector and also among the public at large.

Abu Dhabi’s vision for sustainable development purported in the Abu Dhabi 2030 plan by its Urban Planning Council is indeed very impressive and what is most impressive is the way frameworks and various regulations have been employed for the proper implementation of the plan. When the execution of this plan reaches its completion, Abu Dhabi will be a city where residents will live in houses that have been scrupulously planned keeping the concept of sustainable development in mind. They are going to be made from recycled steel, concrete and aluminum. Water will be provided by a solar powered destination plant and all waste will be converted in energy.

Recognition of Abu Dhabi’s green efforts

Abu Dhabi’s green initiatives and various efforts and frameworks towards acquiring a state of sustainable development have begun being acknowledged which is great as it might encourage other cities to tread the same green path.

Abu Dhabi has been allowed to set up the headquarters of Irena (International Renewable Energy Agency) and has been given a top place among the sustainable cities of the future by Ethisphere Institute.

Here’s hoping that Abu Dhabi’s enthusiasm and determination to acquire sustainability catches on to other parts of the world so that the concept of “sustainable development” which we have studied about in our Environmental Science textbooks comes out of the realm of textbooks and finds a place in reality.

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