5 Coolest Animal Sculptures Made from Junk

Stag by Tom Hill

A lot of junk is being generated around the world and most of it is non-biodegradable that is filling up our landmines and leading to pollution whether it is inside the ocean or on land. Here are some great ideas of amazing animal sculptures made out of trash. May be this might inspire many to create by recycling and reusing.

1. Sayaka Kajita Ganz – “Emergence”

Plastic horse sculpture by Ganz

The ‘Emergence’ is an intriguing sculpture which looks like it is in motion and is the work of Sayaka Kajita Ganz from Japan. The artist makes use of all types of waste materials such as metal pieces, plastic utensils, toys and other items that she recycles to create these amazing sculptures. The Emergence depicts two stallions in motion which look like they are galloping across the walls giving them a life-like appearance.

2. Ann Smith’s Robot Antelopes

Robot Antelopes by Ann Smith

Ann Smith has very ingeniously crafted two antelopes by using old machine parts and broken bits of electronics. These miniature antelope robots also feature in some of her short films. She has compiled many creatures by using old material and has devised a mechanical zoo with tiny animals which also includes T-Rex! She has also made a Sea Turtle by using an old computer mouse (which seem to be disposed in tons annually) for the body. Ann Smith’s Robot Owls also look very colorful and realistic as she has given a lot of attention to the detailing from the feathers to the eyes.

3. Kathryn Spence, “Untitled (Western Screech Owls)”

owls made by Kathryn Spence

The untitled sculpture of owls by Kathryn Spence has been made out of old bits of string and clothes. She has put together these two used items so well that the owls almost have a life-like quality to them. She has also made pigeons by using junk off of streets. She has a great talent of reproducing life-like sculptures of the birds/animals in a very Eco-friendly manner.

4. Ji Yong-Ho’s “Shark”

Shark by Ji Yong-Ho

The Shark is a remarkable sculpture by Ji Yong-Ho from Korea, who now stays in New York. One look at the sculpture, and you would be amazed to find the accurate detailing and perfect form of the shark which looks very scary and muscular as well. This shark measures 10 feet in length and is made out of old tires.

5. Tom Hill’s “Stag”

Stag by Tom Hill

What can you do with old horse-shoes made out of iron? Well, Tom Hill, a sculptor, precisely has the most creative and innovative solution for that! Tom Hill has molded old horse-shoes together to create sculptures of life-sized animals such as a horse, cheetah, hedgehogs, herons and camels. His creation called the ‘Stag’ is an amazing work of art which looks extremely enticing with its perfect form and detailing.

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