12 Coolest eco friendly chair designs

Coolest eco friendly chair designs

The most common piece of furniture that comes to mind when you want to relax is the chair.  It doesn’t matter whether it is the sleep-inducing rocking chair or the multipurpose utility chair. There’s nothing quite like it. Coming back from a hard day’s work, the thought of your comfortable chair is one of the only things on your mind. Moreover, if that same chair has something more special about it, it is even better. However, like all the other pieces of furniture chair too has some negative points associated with it. Most of the times, we either make from wood or from plastic. The first takes years to grow and the second is hazardous for the environment. Therefore, it is necessary that we find some alternatives. We must look for eco friendly chair designs.

12 Coolest eco friendly chair designs

Eco friendly Chairs

Designers all over the world are trying to come up with styles that not only drape you in comfort but also have a brand new out-of-the-box look. In fact, designers have figured out how to make chairs using waste materials like newspapers and horseshoes. Some also endeavor to deliver chairs that are environment-friendly besides being very relaxing. If you are one of those who are part of the green brigade, then check out some chair designs that demand your attention.

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1. The spoon lounge

The spoon lounge

Although it may not look so but this strange looking chair is very comfortable. It is sturdy with a steel chassis that is draped in Liana vines. The spoon lounge is available in both the natural look and one that is polished neatly with lacquer.

2. Box chair

The Box Chair

A creation of Yski design studio, this is one of the popular eco friendly chair designs. It is made of fine tube cardboards held together by metal framed angles. A few other models by Yski are made of solid cardboard pieces and not hollow tubes. These chairs are not only appreciated for being environment friendly, but also for being very versatile, low priced and high value chairs.

3. SIE 43 chair

The SIE 43 Chair

Pawel Grunet has designed a chair with PET water bottles. The chair rates high on visual aesthetics, but on the utility front it lags behind. The bottles are supported on a steel frame and they can be replaced whenever needed. It was exhibited in the Ecotrans Pop Exhibition, 2009. Despite the publicity, it is still doubtful whether shinny blue furniture piece will find a place in your homes or will be an ornament for exhibitions.

4. Perfect for moms and babies chair

Now here is a chair which is especially made keeping in mind the extensive care and love of a mother towards her babies. With two kids and one on the way when I saw this chair I thought “Wow! That’s sweet!” is it pretty? No not really, but could it help my newborn and I sleep? Yes! In my eyes, this reused and redesigned chair is ideal for moms and their babies. If you are wondering what it is it is a chair turned into a rocking chair and attached to a crib. In other words, when you rock your baby rocks with you and hopefully the two of you can fall fast asleep.

5. Rrround chair

Rrround Chair

Arttu Kuisma and Janne Melajoki used recycled colorful carpets to make chairs for public space. Their popular eco friendly chair designs appealed Swiss designer and Professor Alfredo Häberli to the extent that they won the Habitare design competition. These chairs can actually become a short-term phenomenon until some more interesting chairs are not designed. The chair resembles a couch whose base box is made of black carpet and the seat has colorful rings creating a maze.

6. Cabbage chair

The Cabbage Chair

Ever cut open a cabbage, for sure we’ve all done that or at least seen our mothers do it. Some of us have even tried our hands to carefully peeling off every layer to unfurl the cabbage leafs. The cut open cabbage would resemble this chair in all aspects. Made of recycled industrial paper, it is another interesting piece of art. Although the looks would prevent you from seating yourself on it but Nendo, the designer would tell you can sit on it carefree.

7. Retire in the tire chair

Retire in the tire chair

Unfortunately, a lot of old tires end up in rivers, lakes, back yards, landfills, etc., polluting the environment. Tires are hard to recycle because of the material they are made of but fortunately, designer Carl Menary has found a relaxing way of reusing old tires. Carl has turned old tires into chairs by folding the tires and then using bolts on the side to keep the tire folded. It is such simple idea many of us are probably kicking ourselves wondering why we did not think of this idea first.

8. Finally there is a way to reuse and old mattress chair

Though I have to say these chairs do not appear to be comfortable at all, I love the idea. Right now I have 3-used mattress in my garage. Giving or receiving a used mattress away is not sanitary and throwing it away is not Eco-friendly. Mattress cannot be easily cleaned like clothes or recycled. Fortunately designer Frank Willems thought of a way to make used mattress into chairs.

9. Settle an argument with gloves chair

gloves chair

Does anyone in your family love watching the sport boxing? Anyone box? Anyone argue? Chances are someone in your family does at least one of these 3 things so why not sit them down in the Argument chair. This chair is made of “real leather ever last boxing gloves on nickel plated hardened steel”. Does not it look comfy?

10. 100 chairs in 100 days wonder

100 chairs in 100 days wonder

This awesome chair is what will completely take your comfort experience to a whole new level. This spot goes not to a particular chair, but to the Italian furniture designer Martino Gamper. Choosing a particular favorite chair from his many was difficult and I opted instead to have you take a look at his chairs and all his other recycled furniture designs. It is fascinating looking at his work-chairs, tables and all. Take a look first at his 100 chairs in 100 days project.

11. Create your own landfill and sit on it chair

Ever wonder what to do with your clothes much to used to even give away? Or that unrecyclable junk you hate to throw away? The answer find a way to get your hands on a truly yours [True-re-use] designed by Inna Alesina. “It comes as a ‘skin’ similar to the inflatables” but instead of being filled with air it is filled with hard to recycle items or sorts of junk. It can even be filled with overused clothing that is not even worthy of donating, such as underwear. Once the skin is stuffed with junk, it can be used as a chair.

12. They save your lives first then cushion your… chair

seat belt lounge chair by Nuttapong Charoenkitivarakorn

Seat belts save lives, but eventually they become worn. Instead of adding them to the landfill designer Nuttapong Charoenkitivarakorn uses them to create a chair, the seat belt lounge chair. To make this unique chair, cotton-nylon seat belts are wrapped around the chair’s plywood frame. It looks gorgeous and is simply superb for what it delivers to its users. And the cool design always inspires the people out there to make something cool out of trash like this chair.

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