Artist revamps old car into a fashion-themed art version

excessories odd yssey 2

If it’s getting monotonous to drive the same styled car for years, try reviving it the way Kelly Lyles has. This artist has transformed her boring looking old Honda Odyssey into the ultimate fashion-themed art car. Christened the “Excessories Odd-Yssey”, the car stylishly exhibits various fashion accessories like hand bags, shoes, glasses and jewelry.

excessories odd yssey 1

The top of the car looks like some shoe shop, while the doors look like straight out from some fashion accessories show. A magnetic Paperdoll version of the owner, together with a series of magnetic outfits makes the hood absolutely stunning. The inside of Excessories Odd-Yssey, including the dashboard, is covered with colorful clothes. I know after looking at this dazzling vehicle, you cannot wait to bid good bye to your boring coupé and drive around in a colorful version.

excessories odd yssey 3

excessories odd yssey 6

excessories odd yssey 4

excessories odd yssey 5

excessories odd yssey 7

Via: OddityCentral

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