Biofuel researchers discover genes that help trees to grow bulkier

arabidopsis cell

As it is not possible to dedicate more land to biofuel production, modifying crops genetically to offer more harvestable plant matter is certainly a better idea. The scientists at the University of Manchester have done just the same in isolating the plant cells that cause them to grow fat. They found two genes namely, PXY and CLE41 responsible for directing plant cells to grow and segregate in a certain direction.

The team conducted researches on Arabidopsis, a plant species with a tree-like vascular system for transporting water and sugar. Their findings show that CLE41 catalyzes wood production and make trees grow with a fatter trunk. Well, it’s still to see if the same growth model applies to all biofuel plant species. Nonetheless, further researches may indicate the same.

Via: WiredScience

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