MVRDV proposes Water Cube pavilion for World Expo 2012

the water cube pavilion by mvrdv 1

We have been covering the strikingly green pavilions designed for the World Expo 2012 in Yeosu, Korea. As most of them dealt with a particular eco-constituent, the newly unveiled pavilion dubbed ‘The Water Cube Pavilion’ also draws out with a singular theme of ‘The Living Ocean and Coast’. MVRDV has made this visible block of water gel with the all-encompassing ocean beautifully.

the water cube pavilion by mvrdv 2

You will see this particular space used for exhibits and get-together at the World Expo with natural light seeping through the façade and roof as well. Four layers of glass filled with water will form the skin of the Water Cube. A series of water basins portrays different seas positioned on a virtual world map wherein the continents show stability. Pumping seawater into the basin from outside will ensure proper circulation of water whereas the skin itself takes care of the temperature aspect.

the water cube pavilion by mvrdv 3

A supporting web (stands for the North Pole) holds up 5-meter high beams in place for the roof above. Rolling curtains would be there to control UV penetration and solar cells for generating power for the fluid circulation and illumination through the structure.

Via: ArchDaily

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