The Cloud: Eco-friendly urban retreat in the lap of nature

The cloud

Nature comes wrapped with unending beauty, which is a constant source of inspiration for artists around. Everything, ranging from trees to leaves, clouds to rain, is so elegantly carved that every single human being is left mesmerized. To bring you closer to nature, Zebra 3 has crafted a perfect retreat option in the form of The Cloud. The dreamy structure has been made from wood and plexiglass. These materials are eco-friendly and don’t harm the environment in any way.

As the name suggests, this architectural marvel has been shaped like a fluffed up cloud. The whole concept has been based on the thought of urban retreat, which is like bliss in this tensed world. The Cloud is nothing less than a surreal dream, which will leave you rejuvenated in no time. It can easily accommodate 7 people (read beds) and will be like a cocoon that lends warmth.

Position it in a park or away from the hustle bustle that cities come loaded with and feel the change. It will instantly soothe those frazzled nerves and help you relax. Clouds have always been a favorite amongst poets and this structure will add a pleasant rhythm to your life. Experience how it feels like living on a cloud just like it happens in a fairytale. The Cloud has been given a simple façade but will leave you invigorated. So, spend some time in the lap of nature and feel connected with your inner self.

Via: Flodeau

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