Solar powered wooden toy airplane for your child’s early green lessons

Solar powered wooden toy airplane

Wean your child away from artificial toys and introduce him/her to the world of solar run toys. The wooden plane, by Berty and Masha, is one such solar toy which your child will enjoy. Made from beech and solid chestnut wood, it’s run solely on solar energy.

With no worries about changing batteries and switching on buttons, the plane has been built according to the nature’s needs. Using a renewable source of energy, namely, solar energy, as the main source of power, the plane makes life easier for everyone around. Based on the simple concept of “the stronger the solar energy, the faster the propeller shall move”.

Adept for children above the age of 5, the 25 cm long and 24 cm wide plane is as strong as an ox. With a pleasing design and natural power source, it would surely score a one up on every other toy.

Teach your child the value of renewable energy and make him a winner for the future. The wooden plane is available for a price of $98 (USD) approximately.

Via: Etsy

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