Almond X Linus summer bike: Pollution free way to get to surfing!

Almond X Linus Summer Edition bike

Combining the passion of cycling and surfing are Almond Surfboards and Linus Bikes form California. They have joined hands to come up with an amazing Almond X Linus Summer Bike. Summers are an ideal time to surf and befriend waves and the bike will make this experience worth remembering.

This bike will prove to be an important way to get to the beach in an effortless manner. The final product is a fine example that shows unending love for the ocean. The bike has been shaped in an eye-appealing manner and will manage to make heads turn. It has a board rack for carrying the surfboards, which otherwise have to be lifted. The rack has been positioned in such a manner that it will not prove to be a hindrance while riding. The rear rack of the beach-friendly bicycle has been fitted with a cherry wooden crate. This can be used to store important equipments required while surfing and will make sure you don’t forget/misplace anything.

Almond X Linus summer bike is a pollution free way to get to the beach for surfing. A user can also carry equipments needed for surfing in an eco-friendly way. So, explore the length of the oceans on this cool bike and become a planet savior.

Via: CycleExif

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