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Artist makes beautiful basket from recycled plastic bags

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure! What we often throw away thinking to be waste, can be given a new meaningful makeover, all you need is a little creativity and passion for the environment. One such artist who is transforming trash into..

Artist makes beautiful basket from recycled plastic bags

How to make a chair from old newspapers

Making chair from papers may sound a little weird. But it is a fun project that costs very less money when compared to other luxury furniture in the market. One can employ any different idea of him to craft a number of styles of paper chairs. Surprisingly

make a chair from old newspapers

10 DIY recycled birdhouses you can build to show you care

Are you looking for some decorative and unique birdhouses for your fine-feathered friends? How about building them yourself? Building these birdhouses yourself from the scrap materials available at home will not only be Eco-friendly, but will also give yo

DIY recycled birdhouses

15 most amazing DIY electric cars

Although the first electric car was designed in the last decade of the 19th century, by the turn of the century, vehicles powered by fossil fuel became the sole mode of transportation. However, mounting pollution and rising fuel price have prompted automo


How to make a robot from recycled materials

40 Years ago, having a computer at home was just a Hollywood stuff, but now it is possible to see a robot in every home in near future. Here in this article, we guide you step by step on how to make your own tiny dancing spider robot , all from the mater

make a robot from recycled materials

How to make a castle for your kids using recycled cardboard

The castle shown in the above picture is totally made with cardboard and is an easy go project theme for your child. Kids love castles, since the typical fairy queen stories entices each one of them, so a cardboard castle for your kids will definitely att

cardboard castle

How to make eco-friendly jewelry using discarded PCB

Fashionable geek jewelries, office decoration stuffs, home decors, etc. made out of discarded unused PCB boards have been a practice since the 1980s. The Chicago’s Museum of Science hosts the display of such products in their “Smart Home 2009” exhibit. D

eco-friendly jewelry using discarded PCB

Five coolest DIY solar ovens and how to make one

Using eco friendly, green solar cooker for cooking purpose is one of the most effective and futuristic options for the modern generation. This way you can save the domestic fuel and electricity charges as well as reduce the spreading of carbons and other

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