Eco Art: Spectacular portraits made from floppy disks

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Nick Gentry, a British painter from Camden in London has given a new dimension to obsolete computer technology. Fascinated with human’s relation with to technology, this creative head has crafted spectacular artworks from old floppy disks. Using unwanted 3’5 inch floppy disks as a canvas board, he created portraits out of obsolete technology. These floppy disks after serving their purpose to humans, instead of being thrown into landfills, were put to use in a more creative and meaningful way.

The artist

The creative head behind these fabulous pieces of art is Nick Gentry. This British painter from Camden, London has exhibited his pieces of art in the UK, USA and Europe. He felt strongly about discarding the used floppy disks, so decided to converting them into art, thereby, giving recycling a new face. Using the floppy disks which people donated to him, he converted them into portraits of various types, coloring them for all their worth.

The inspiration

Right from an early age, the artist, Nick Gentry, was fascinated with computers and the latest technology. He was inspired by the sociological impact of a new internet culture. The growing age of technology brought with it the new changing trends. Seeing that these discs were no longer in the spotlight, he decided to give a new life to obsolete disks. It’s just a small endeavor to show the transition in time, and the changes in technology trends.

The Material

Nick, the artist makes use of VHS tapes as well as floppy disks. Earlier he used to buy them from EBay but then gradually, people started donating disks to him, making his creations all the more worthy of attention. At the same time, the donations gave people the feeling of doing something for the precious environment.

The artwork

Using a canvas salvaged out of the floppy discs, these artifacts are combined to create photo-fits and identities which draw connections from the real life and real people, etching them behind layers of paint forever. Each portraits give new life to old floppy disks that would have otherwise ended up in landfills. Being eco friendly, the paintings help in giving another meaning to the obsolete material and thereby, help in reducing waste as well.

Green aspects

• These beautiful portraits are made from old floppy disks.
• Being a completely manual process, there is a no residual waste which means it’s safe for the environment.
• Recycling saves resources, labor, money and most importantly our precious environment.
• These stunning pieces of art extend the life of waste floppy disks.

Via: SlickPanda

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