Eco Fashion: Dead insects come alive as chic jewelry

insect jewelry

Have you ever thought of jewelry that was made of insects? Yes, we are talking about butterflies, bugs, caterpillars, moth’s rutelids, weevils and cicadas. Insect art is definitely not for the weak-hearted, but if the mere thought of bugs doesn’t make your skin crawl, you might actually consider wearing one of these unusual and beautiful accessories. The insects come from various insect farms which provide a healthy and eco-friendly living for people in developing countries, so you don’t have to feel guilty about wearing insect species into extinction as the insects are reared for various purposes and they are used to make jewelry after they die out.

The Designer

These stunning pieces of jewelry are a result of the creative thinking of designer Katie VanBlaricum. Based in Topeka, Kansas, Katie has always been fascinated with insects. As a child she had her own closet museum where she kept the collected cocoons and caterpillars. She also spent hours reading bug field-guides as a child. When she grew up she began work on her cicada collection, and the first piece of “Insect Art” was made. Katie has been a student of Anthropology and has been in love insects and nature since her childhood.

The Inspiration

Katie VanBlaricum was always fascinated with insects, so she thought of treasuring them for life. Nature has bestowed such beautiful shapes and sizes, colors shades and patterns to the insects. Katie was amazed with the variety and has been working to bring them to life by using them to create chic pieces of jewelry.

The Green Factor

The jewelry is made of dead insects which are provided by farms where they are reared for various purposes. These farms provide livelihood to people from developing countries.
Each piece is handcrafted and there is no harm to environment in the whole process of making jewelry from dead insects, thus making it eco-friendly and sustainable.

The X Factor

The Insect Art includes one-of-a-kind earrings, necklaces and pendants made from real insects. All the pieces are colorful, trendy and eco-friendly, making them just perfect to adorn any fashionista. These stunning pieces of jewelry come with a one-year guarantee. Is there something more you can ask for?

Insect Jewelry

Insect Art is made using colorful, real insects from around the world. Crafted by Katie VanBlaricum, the collection includes exquisite earrings, necklaces, pendants, tie clips and hair combs. The insects come to the artist dried out and all folded up. All she does is re-hydrate them to make them flexible again, after which the crawling beasts are spread out on a Styrofoam board with sewing pins and little strips of paper. She does not put any pins through the bodies of insects, because she believes they look best and lifelike in their natural form. In the end, she chooses an art background for the insects and glues the insects onto that. The whole process takes several days, and each end result is unique. The unusual Insect Art jewelry often features a single insect mounted in a fine metal finding. They certainly make great accessories for the eco-conscious fashion freaks.

Via: OddityCentral

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