Sustainable wooden sunglasses support more causes than just environment

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Ditching the non-biodegradable, toxic plastic, the leading sustainable eye wear company Proof has shifted its focus to wood. Yes, the eye wear maker is looking towards wood to add that extra style to its shades. With an aim to create sunglasses which have enough power to make a responsible and eco-friendly change in the world, the company has fashioned a new range of sustainable wooden unisex shades from ebony, zebrawood, and bamboo.

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These sunnies are foldable and have a style of their own. Nothing is more stylist than an accessory which is offbeat and green. Proof claims that these shades are “100% eco-friendly, thanks to the sustainably sourced wood. The company also runs a recycling program for their sunglasses. So, whenever your shades reach the end of their life, you can send it back for recycling.

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Their noble efforts don’t end here, a portion of their profit is donated to an eye clinic in India and a tree replanting initiative in Haiti. Another excellent role that Proof is playing is it is offering “1 for 1’s.” This means when you purchase a pair of these foldable sunglasses, they send a pair to the most recent sight-surgery patient in India. With these excellent newest forms of sunglasses you get to donate and also save the planet.

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Via: Treehugger

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