Experience living on water at self-sustaining floating village in China

self sustaining floating village

Isn’t the thought of living on water and not stepping onto dry land for even one single thing, simply great? Inhabitants of the “Future Floating Village” experience just this. Located in China’s Fujian Province, Sandu’ao is one of few settlements built on water. This massive self-sustaining floating village includes everything from a convenience store to postal service, from a police station to a series of restaurants.

self sustaining floating village 2

All the houses in the village are made of wood and are built on sturdy pontoons made of bamboo and wood, wired to plastic barrels and pieces of PVC, to ensure buoyancy. To make sure that this unique village had no threat from the dangerous waves, it is built on an area that is cut off from the open sea. Swinging swiftly, Sandu’ao is said to be China’s largest cultivation base of yellow croakers and various other seafood, including shellfish, shrimp, and giant prawns.

self sustaining floating village 1

This huge floating village was devastated by aerial bombardments, during the Japanese invasion of World War 2 and took almost a decade to sway on the water again. It includes tens of thousands of cages and fishing nets that not only allow sea farming, but also look like a beautiful plantation on the sea.

self sustaining floating village 3

self sustaining floating village 4

self sustaining floating village 5

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