Gypsy Modular – You can carry your furniture with you now

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Gypsy Modular is a name apt for this furniture series. This is furniture that is made out of modular components, which means you can dismantle it, and fix it back again. Without the need of screws, the modularized parts are easy to carry and store.

Parts fit into each other with right pressure. You need not worry about it breaking apart or losing its rigidness. Extra hardware is not needed. Self sufficient by itself, the furniture is made up of boards. Medium density fiberboard is the type of board used. Medium density fiberboard is made from recycling other things. Stronger than other types of boards, this board offers the resistance and tensile strength.

Who can buy it? People who are on travel can buy this. If you are going on vacation, you can literally carry your furniture with you. You can take along your favorite chair or table. Students can use this furniture in their study rooms. The configuration option of such furniture make it ideal for students who might have to move across different accomodations.

Gypsy modular was named so by the creator after the gysies – a moving tribe of people. The creator was also inspired by the Legos – a game that tested structural thinking skills.

Via: Arcfreeze

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