NY couple’s Full Moon Farm flaunts green construction

The Green BrangelinaBrad and Angelina live in Medusa, New York, and are running a successful and eco friendly farmhouse. I am sure it is obvious to our readers that we are not talking about Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. The namesakes Brad and Angelina are the owners of Full Moon farm in upstate New York – a farm that is completely designed to be environmentally friendly. Their eco-farm-ism has now become Full Moon Farm’s identity as well as its biggest unique selling proposition (USP).

The owners Brad and Angelina themselves spend most of their time on the farm while spending the remainder of the day in the city so as to strike a balance between the two lives they lead. The house itself was built on the location of Medusa’s previous fire house, and the couple did the simplest and most eco friendly construction they could. They ripped out parts and re-built them to make the Full Moon Farm.

The house was re-modeled as Brad and Angelina wanted to mix their passion with the chance to make a business turnover as well. So along with being green, the re-modelling was also low-cost. For instance, very little of the property’s accessories are bought new. All that has adorned the house has either been found or handed down. In addition, Brad and Angelina have taken the care and trouble to purchase and set up only Energy Star rated appliances and items made in the US sustainable materials.

The owners’ proudest design accomplishment is the vanity master bath that was crafted from a 200 year old heart pine. It was found on the barn, sanded and finished thereafter, and successfully installed. It now adds to more than half the charm of Full Moon Farm. Also, some of the basics were pulled off of the previous house structure to minimalize wastage. Angelina & Brad's Full Moon FarmEven the talent used is local, for example the interior work was done by local carpenters. This move probably added to making the farm as close to the locals’ hearts as it is today.

The Full Moon Farm is now successfully rented out to wedding parties and photo shoots, both of the parties are floored by the farmhouse’s uniqueness and simplicity. In the owners’ words, the style of the farmhouse is ‘Primitive Chic’, and the Full Moon Farm definitely lives up to the description that pops into your mind when you read those two words, especially when strung together, be it in full moon and broad daylight.

Via: Re-Nest

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