Pant Rocker: The eco-friendly rocking chair by Joe Manus

Pant Rocker

Eco-friendly furniture is soon becoming trendy and fashionable with many designers making to unimaginable creations in a ‘green’ way. The Pant Rocker by Joe Manus from Shiner is another such example of fine and responsible craftsmanship. This modern and exquisite rocking chair is a great piece of furniture that can add glamor both inside and outside. The natural black carbon steel frame of the furniture juxtaposed with the natural wooden color of its base looks elegant and earthly. The wooden seating base of the Pant Rocker is available in three different types of woods: oak, pine, calico and walnut.

At Shiner’s, it is the company policy to transform material that is rendered as waste and scrap into beautiful and desirable designs. They also add new zest and shine to heirloom furniture pieces and keep the past alive. All kinds of materials – from linen to steel and from cardboard to hardwood – is utilized to create marvelous creations that would have otherwise been a part of landfills.

It is great to have companies striving to reduce their carbon footprint and we, as consumers, must assist them by investing in these ‘green’ furniture pieces and contributing to the environmental cause.

Via: ErgonomicOfficeFurniture

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