Old hunting lodge recycled into Victorian style dream house

victorian home1

Reading those cute fairy tales, I always wished to live in a similar kind of house as Snow White and Cinderella used to live in. But, as one leaves the innocent childhood behind and enter the real world, your childlike notions break. Sandra Foster gives you the opportunity to relive your childhood with this small rural dream dwelling that looks as if coming straight from some fairy tale. A house that was once a little hunting lodge has undergone a green transformation.

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This beautiful amalgamation of vintage and contemporary home flaunts its Victorian style. Savaged wood were used for the flooring and structural supports, while cheap or entirely-free materials resulted into a porch. Stunning hanging chandelier in the bedroom adds to the aesthetics. To obtain a weathered look, cheap white and green paint does the trick. Sandra has recycled a waste space into a dream dwelling. Her husband has converted a trailer into a truck-sized shed that keeps a big-screen television, heavy-cooking equipment and other personal items safely.

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Via: Dornob

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