Pleated paper dress is quite elegant and wearable

pleated paper dress 1

Everyone must have folded paper and converted it into different shapes like a boat or a puzzle. But, how about fashioning a dress out of it? Li-Rong Liao, an industrial designer by profession had been blessed with this folding skill. She has made good use of it and crafted a pleated paper dress. Even cardboard, tyvek and felt have this pleating property, like paper, which has been used in an ingenious manner by Li-Rong. They are eco-friendly in nature and do not harm the environment at all. The dress has been given pleats, similar to that seen in hand paper fans. The designer, a graduate from Pratt Institute, has an ability to convert any humble sheet into wearable piece clothing.

One of Liao’s parents is a seamstress and that’s where the real inspiration came from. She has grown learning the fine nuisances of seams, which she has applied in her latest creation. The balloon shaped dress looks like a ballerina tutu, with all the green features stitched to it. Liao has managed to create an elegant outfit giving sheets a crimping effect.

If you are looking for a unique material to drape your body with, then the pleated paper dress will definitely leave you impressed. The graceful costume has been assembled in a meticulous manner, and will act as an added attraction in your wardrobe .

Via: Ecouterre

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