Prism Table: Eco furniture created from biodegradable components

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The Sunset Chapel in Acapulco was an architectural marvel designed by BNKR Arquitectura, a Mexican architecture firm. The chapel sits along the hills of Acapulco, an area dotted with massive granite boulders. This chapel served as an inspiration to Jason Phillips when he started designing a new table. These were named the Prism tables, since these tables are designed in the shape of a precious gem and refract the light in the same way a gem does. The polished surfaces of the table disperse the light in various directions, creating beautiful shapes and shadows on natural as well as artificial surfaces.

The tables are available in glossy black varnish or natural bamboo strips. The heavy but slender top is balanced on a robust metal base, which gives it a look of both the modern as well as the natural worlds. The tables are eco friendly since all the components are bio-degradable and do not harm the environment at all. These wonderful eco-friendly tables are surely to be a buyer’s delight.

Via: Behance

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