Soms Atoll: Man-made lagoon to rise above green horizons

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A design team from Radical Craft, including master designers Thurman Grant, Lisa Hollywood, Darius Woo, Jaclyn Thomforde, Hiroyuki Sugiyama and Yvette Escalante, has proposed a new home for the World Sustainability Center to be built in Afsluitdijk along the North Sea Coast of Holland. Dubbed as Soms Atoll (or Sometimes Atoll), the design for the educational center seeks to mingle natural cycles with masterful constructional technology. Here, if the concept goes functional, the visitors will see man-made lakes appearing and disappearing to complement the tidal ebb and flow of the seawater.

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As the tides recede to reveal the land along the shore as part of the natural cycles, artificial islands or lagoons will become visible at Soms Atoll creating tidal pools.

radical craft soms atoll

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