Starburst candy wrappers used ingeniously to weave a Prom Dress

starburst candy

What are you wearing for the prom? I can guess those usual dresses either purchased from a boutique, specialized shops or internet retailers who almost year after year use the same fabric with a difference in cuts. But what High-school senior Tara Frey, from Wisconsin got to wear was really sweet like a candy. The prom dress was sewn by her mother who used thousands of Starburst candy wrappers to create a unique outfit which sugar coated her daughter further.

Tara’s mother picked this off the wall idea after getting inspired from another mother whom she saw weaving a dress using gum wrappers at a hockey match. But bringing the whole concept to life meant collecting endless candy wrappers (normlly thrown in the dust bins) which was a task in itself. The mother-daughter duo tried getting just wrappers by calling Starburst, but they were not too eager to give them candy covers without the candy. But this didn’t deter their spirits and as they were not left with much of an option, Tara and Kerrin went ahead and bought 9 kg of Starburst candy.

Well, if you think they just kept the wrappers and threw what it had inside you are thinking a bit too much in that case. They were thoughtful enough to feed their neighbors with candies but with one promise that the wrappers had to be returned in a good condition. Once the candy wrappers were collected, each cover was meticulously folded eight times and to achieve a tight wave they were pressed with tweezers. Now, this sure sounds tedious and a little help from here and there especially from friends and neighbors made her achieve what they wanted to. What took 6 years out of their life and five futile attempts turned out be a beautiful sugary dress wrapped with mother’s love.

But hold on! A dress is not complete if not worn with matching shoes and a handbag so the dotting mom did exactly the same. Tara’s boyfriend got to taste the candy project as well. He was given a waistcoat that matched her girlfriend’s attire which means candy wraps again. Poor chap, didn’t have much of an option but to wear it.

The dress with matching shoes and a handbag plus a matching boyfriend blended perfectly with the theme of the party called the board game Candyland. But if you want to know how many wrappers went into making this colorful dress a reality, then sadly even the duo has no cluet. Well, a great way of endorsing Starburst candy, maybe they get to be the face of this product soon. But a geat way of bringing waste to good use.

Via: odditycentral

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