Vintage wood metal milk crate planter for a green decor

milk crate planter

With the global warming engulfing us with each passing day, we are often at a loss at how we really should have enough of green in our lives and environs. We know the importance of ‘going green’, but we are often hesitant with green projects because we start thinking about money and time. Believe me, it takes very little of your time to care for a sapling each day and it hardly takes any money for such an endeavor. There are very simple ways of greening your surroundings apart from adding solar panels and so on.

We often throw away old and unused objects, the ones that can be used as pot planters. The same idea goes for an old wood and iron milk crate that you can see in the picture. It is old and the wood is a little withered but it can serve as a wonderful planter for a home. There are also holders at the edges, which would help to carry it here and there.

Now, you can add plants to the home décor. Peace lilies and English ivies are easy to care for and you can place them in the newly made milk-crate-turned-pot-planter. These plants help ward off pollutants like formaldehyde from the air. With the help of the green plants, the air you breathe in can be purified and you have the greening effect at home as well.

The vintage milk crate may have other functions too on your Going Green project. You would need plenty of brushes and gardening tools for the Greening program and the vintage milk crate could as well be used for storage of garden tools and brushes. So now, you can fill your home with flora using all these old planters or crates and a single topiary, which is placed with some thought can add that special edge to your home décor as well as add the Greening effect to your home.

When you look around your place, you would be happy you had used the idea and your neighbors can get inspired and start using your idea of utilizing containers for plant décor. It is nice to make everyone feel organic in their approach and build up their homes and yards with the Green effect. Try it out with old unused milk crate, and you will soon have a wonderful green environment to help prevent the global warming effect.

Via: Etsy

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