Bamboo fountain: A tap that will offer only pure and healthy water

bamboo fountain 1

Nicely crafted accessories can make a bathroom all the more appealing. Designers have started giving extra attention to this area, which was normally ignored. Taps form an integral part of a washroom and one cannot subtract them at any cost. Making them look all the more tasteful is Mickael Chrost, who has designed a tap christened Bamboo Fountain.

The shape of this tap has been heavily inspired by Asian Fountains. It bears a typical cylindrical shape with a slant plate to let out water. The faucet has been designed in a simple yet vibrant manner. The product keeps the essence of a typical Asian Fountain, while new features make it all the more stunning. It has been fashioned in a way, which makes water flow in an unhurried manner. Such a system will keep a check on water wastage and hence, save the environment.

The top of this tap has been embedded with a display, which will help you select water temperature as per your choice. To ensure that each drop is nothing but wholesome, it has been fitted with a purifying cartridge. Well, the purity factor continues further with the presence of extra cartridges. These comprise of some very important dietary essentials like magnesium, calcium, potassium, iron and zinc. These dietary minerals are very important for the proper functioning of human body, and Bamboo Fountain will make sure you get a proper dose.

Bamboo Fountain is a great way to save water and stay healthy. If you want your family to lead a green and vigorous life, then this elegant tap will be an apt choice.

Via: Tuvie

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