Cuffs are Back in Fashion-the Eco-friendly Way

Cuff bracelets are perfect for making a statement. They are a fashion necessity worn by almost all celebrities on the red carpet in recent times. What helps a small piece of accessory like a cuff bracelet to stand out is its versatility. No matter how you wear them, they attract the attention of the viewers and you can choose to team them up with jeans for the simple yet effective casual look or raise the temperature by wearing them with your hottest dress. Cuffs can be of many different types but it is the eco-friendly variety that is grabbing the most attention right now. Eco-friendly cuffs allow you to remain stylish while caring for the environment.


Faux Leather Cuff Bracelets

Faux leather cuff bracelets tend to replicate the look and feel of real leather through treatments and textures. This is the best option instead of wearing a piece of dead animal on your wrist. It is also eco-friendly and helps you do your bit for the environment. You can find them with either a single or a double-wrap. The difference mainly stems from the number of times you are able to strap the leather band around your wrist. A cuff made of faux leather can even wrap around your wrist three times for a gorgeous triple wrap cuff.

Faux leather cuffs that contain details like conical rivets or metal studs are perfect for imparting a masculine look since they were first worn by the infamous Hell’s Angels and similar groups in order to complement their look and establish their allegiance to the same faction. Few women like this kind of style while most tend to veer towards the faux leather bracelets that have a more neutral appearance. It is advisable for them to opt for faux leather cuffs embellished with chains and buckles. This look works really well when worn with boots and jeans.

Keeping the spirit of eco-friendliness alive, you can also opt for a softer, feminine look. Faux leather cuffs embedded with Swarovski crystals happen to look gorgeous. They are available in a wide variety and boast of several stone colour combinations, imparting them with an exotic and unique look. Works great when teamed with a working shirt or an evening dress,


Eco-friendly and PETA friendly faux leather cuffs are available in a variety of colours, beginning from classic black to tan and brown ones which are really popular. In case you want to try something different, it is better if you choose green faux leather cuffs in purple, pale blue, gold and silver colours. A striking combination happens to be the pale pink faux leather cuff embedded with violet Swarovski crystals which are natural cut diamonds.

The clasp of the cuffs can also be eco-friendly, made with renewable yet durable materials. It deals more with functionality instead of looks. In normal cases, popper studs, buckles in gold, silver or brass not only look stylish but understated.

Expensive Designer Options

Designers have come up with cuffs that are not only look beautiful but consider the environmental quotient. Kara Ross has produced a one-of-a-kind zebra printed bangle cuff with a closure made of 18 carat gold and topaz. With a price tag of $6,892, the Zebra Wood Cuff Bracelet is adorned with unique features and motifs on wood.


Flirty Eco Bracelets

Flowers and butterflies are the motif for the summer and spring season so it is an absolute must to have at least one butterfly or floral cuff made from eco-friendly materials. A large sized floral accessory with intricate patterns and made from biodegradable materials is the right way to look stylish this season.

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