Folio Albums: Eco friendly photo albums made from vintage leather covers, paper

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Pictures are moments captured to be relived forever and, hence, preserving and storing photos and pictures must be given utmost importance. Creatives over at Matt Foden Photography are glad to offer to their clients an opulent and nature friendly range of Folio Albums.

This elegant range of photo albums is handmade in London and has a rich cover of pure leather which gives it a classy and sophisticated look. Creative paper work is also used to enhance the beauty of this luxurious photo album. The paper used in it is recycled paper and it contributes immensely in taking forward environmental concerns. It epitomizes the need of sustainable growth by not harming nature and relying on paper recycling and reprocessing.

The environmentally friendly photo albums would prove to be a secured and safe storage for your valuable photos and you would be partaking in the noble cause of saving the environment. The paper used for the creative handwork on the folio album comes from waste and recycled paper and no fresh tress are harmed to obtain wood. It is a completely eco friendly product which would be a prized possession for anyone.

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Via: MattFodenPhotography

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